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Please help me with my decision.. I am caught between the scissors, I just don’t know what to do

Please help me with my decision… I am caught between the scissors, I just don’t know what to do ??
I’m not from Liberia but I stay in Liberia, I have businesses here and there and I’m a Christian, I come from a well of family in Guinea.
My beautiful wife who was a Liberian died and left behind one little boy of 4 years, I’m a businessman and I travel a lot, I met another lady in our church who was a University graduate, she agreed to marry me and so I started to visit her parents, the 1st time I went to see her parents,I did not like the parent’s house so I decided to build them a bigger, permanent house before I bring my parents and also coz we were planning for a wedding.
After the wedding, I introduced her to my business, my clinics and put her in charge, I gave her one of my cars so that she can be at ease when supervising, so I traveled again to Guinea.
My little kid was in a good private school, he will go to school and sleep in class most of the time, it got the teachers worried, one day he went to school and refused to sit down, the teacher forced him and he started crying, they took him to the staffroom and removed his clothes, to check on his body, the boy had wounds everywhere, my wife had been burning him with metal if he does simple things.
I was called and had to come back immediately, the furious neighbors wanted to burn down my wife’s car, she was arrested and in custody, my problem is that she is 7 months pregnant in police cells.
I really love her and my son, how do I resolve this matter once and for all?
She did wrong but I wouldn’t want her giving birth to my kid in prison at the same time justice must be done for my son.

What do you think?

Written by Shamai Praise


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