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Man cried a lot and decided to end the relationship – Must Read!!

Hey, fans please help me in this situation.

Hey, fans please help me in this situation.???
There is a woman I have been dating, and I have finally decided to marry her.
But before we told our parents, we quarreled and she insulted my mother calling her a “prostitute”. Just because my mother is not married.
I felt bad! I cried a lot and decided to end the relationship.
I moved on and remained single for about 2 years. At first, after I called it to quit, she tried to mend things between me and her; but I told her it’s better for us to just be friends.
After 2 years, she called me telling me how sorry she is, and that she has changed for the better. she promised to respect my mother. So I gave her another chance and I accepted because I love her.
By then, I never had an official job. I was just doing casual jobs here and there to meet my needs. But for her, she had a stable job.
As days passed by, she started showing me attitudes.
I ignored her knowing she is a woman and I love her. But she kept on showering me with insults again even to an extent of telling me the part-time jobs am doing are nothing, and she can even feed me.
To be honest with you, as a man I felt disrespected and told her I was raised by a single mother who taught me I have to work to have food and money.
I kept working those casual jobs, but she was not appreciating my efforts.
one day I made up my mind and confronted her. I told her what was in my heart and how bad she treats me; And to my surprise, she insulted my mum again.
I finally realized she has no respect at all for my mother!! she called her a prostitute for the second time?
I decided to break up with her again and moved on.
I am now confused! she is back again and this time, she says she is serious and will never abuse me or my mum again.
Should I forgive her and take her back again?
Or should I just move on and find another woman? because I want to start a family.
What is your advice for this young man ??.

What do you think?

Written by Shamai Praise


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