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We all want get reels and create better content and enjoy more time on IG


When instagram creates a new feature for the platform, we all want to jump on it and use it mainly because anyone who uses it will have their content pushed out to more people in order to promote the feature.

Since TikTok started getting more and more popular with social media users, a lot of people are now spending less time on instagram and more of their time on TikTok. This is mostly because the TikTok videos are just simple, short, funny and it is so easy to spend 4 hours scrolling through thousands of videos without even realizing it. Instagram is not loving this situation so they have to come up with a way to make sure that people come back to instagram and spend more time scrolling through their app. This is how they decided to add the reels feature on IG. These are simple short videos that are usually 15 seconds long, more or less is also acceptable. This was their best effort to grab the attention back to IG.

Instagram is already known to make changes similar to other apps to make sure that users don’t leave. It once happened again when people loved the Snapchat filters and they would spend more and more time on Snapchat. IG couldn’t have that so they came up with the instagram filters and they gained their users back.

So here is how you can get the reels feature on your instagram account.

  1. If you open a new account on IG it will have a new reels feature on it. So you have to first open a new account and then start using the reels feature there. While you are opening the reels on the new account, double tap your account icon to switch to your main account. You will see that the reels that you were playing will continue playing on your main account. If it doesn’t work, it takes about 3-4 tries, and you can start watching reels on your main account. And quickly after that your account will start showing the reels feature on the bottom where it is supposed to. It is that simple. To increase your chances you can open 3 new accounts and you will soon be enjoying the reels feature on your main IG.
  2. The second way is pretty obvious. Like all other apps like YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat, Instagram wants to give advantage and push content from those users who post consistently and use all the platform features. So if you want to gain the reels you have to put out more posts, stories, IGTV and use all the current features that you have. IG will see these efforts and add the reels feature to your account.

So far these are the best ways to get the reels feature on your account. When we find more ways we will update you about them.

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Written by Shamai Praise


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