Nigerian man caught masturbating

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Drama in moving car as Nigerian man beats lady for filming his masturbation

Nigerian Man caught masturbating in a moving car

An angry man assaulted a beautiful lady in a moving car with threats to beat her further after she recorded him with her phone while he masturbated next to her.

Drama in moving car

A video of the scene shared online by the lady shows the man using his handbag to cover up what he was doing while using the other hand to satisfy himself.

He then got his eyes fixed on the lady’s phone as she was writing a text to caption the video for social media.

A fight then broke out between the two after the lady asked him to stop looking on her phone. They exchanged words in a heated argument amidst threats by the angry man who then carried it out.

“My body is my body. If I’m even doing anything, it’s none of your business,” he is heard saying to the lady as she tried to point out to him that his conduct was inappropriate.

It took the intervention of other men onboard the vehicle to restore order.


Narrating her ordeal on social media, the lady said: “So here’s what happened. I noticed his elbow was resting on my body, which made me uncomfortable cause the back seat wasn’t so crowded for 3 people for his body to be touching mine!

“Then I noticed his Bag & his other hand movement & started recording in case he tried to deny.

“After calling him out! He stopped. And I Ignored him for the rest of the trip till he started looking into my phone while I was texting, which made me really uncomfortable!

“Then I told him He shouldn’t look at me or my phone and that was where the problem started.

“Now that I’m calm, I guess I escalated the matter for myself when I couldn’t just stay calm. Still! It doesn’t give anyone the right to wank in public.

“I sha told him to Carry his Penis and Jerk off in the middle of the road since he feels its his Body & He’s Right.

“That was where Baba grabbed my wrist and was ready to beat the daylight out of me! Thank God for the people that saved me sha! I wished they would have spoken up though…

“Maybe I wouldn’t have been beaten if One of those men stood up to him

“But Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m fine! Thanks for all the Love and Sorries Red heartRed heart. I pray you never experience this! I just wanted to share my Experience…”






The disturbed lady could be heard asking him to stop the disgusting act until he gets home but he ignored her until he realized that he was being filmed.

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I am Liberian Studying Computer Engineering in China, at the Sichuan University of Arts and Science. I am a Graphic and Web Developer and Blogger as well.


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