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5 reasons why you should become a minimalist in 2021

I have gathered here a list of fine good reasons why you must seriously consider being a minimalist.



Being a minimalist is simply just owning fewer stuff. Not to be confused with being poor. Minimalists choose to purchase less, own less stuff and make space in their lives for different fulfillments that have nothing to do with materials for example travelling and learning new skills.  For the last few years a lot of people have been converting to the lifestyle of minimalism, its more like a trend now. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider being a minimalist.

  1. Time saving

Owning less possessions in your space allows you to organize them easily and efficiently. Less time is spent dusting and cleaning and organizing furniture and closets. Specific objects are placed in specific places such that no time is spent looking for something. All chores become easier. Leading this lifestyle also forces you to have a clear list of what you need to buy at the store thereby reducing time spent walking around aimlessly in the grocery store. Having more time on your hands can mean you can start developing other life skills that are cool and exciting to have.

  1. Control your finances

Being a minimalist simply means owning less. That means you make less purchases and get to save more money. Less financial stress and less debts. It makes sure you have a clear list of what you need thus eliminating the whole impulse buying issue. Every one on the planet can benefit from having more money saved up. That way you can have more options and can make better financial decisions that can make you more money. You can invest more, in different properties, stocks or even bitcoins. Instead of owning more clothes, shoes and handbags, you can actually own something that will benefit you for years.


  1. Clear working space.

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your house will give you more space to work on.  A clear working space reduces distractions and can help you focus on what you are working on. Clear the space and clear the mind. Its not rocket science that when your working space is cleaner, better work can be done.


  1. You find new values in life.

It is a much better idea to cling to experiences rather than material possessions. You are less likely to have emotional attachments to your belongings when you are a minimalist. It means that you have been able to get rid of most your belongings and can live a happy life without missing them. The first thing that you might want to own as a minimalist is a camera. The extra funds you have now can be put into travelling the world and seeing what is out there. No one can take experiences from you but anyone can take your clothes or tables.


  1. You get clear goals.

When you have more time, more money and more experiences in your life, you get pretty clear on what you want to achieve in life. You can spot your calling from afar and can easily follow it. If you want to get fit, you can now join a gym, buy healthy food options and motivate yourself to work .


I myself am just starting on my journey of becoming a minimalist and so far, I am loving it. I meditate more and get more work done and I can still pursue my passions. In a few months I hope to update you on how it will be going.

What do you think?

Written by Shamai Praise


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